Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Black Sun in a White World

A Black Sun in a White World
Digital Print

A Black Sun in a White World was a book project I worked on a couple of years ago. Originally a limited edition of six books with hand-made covers, containing no text, their contents being a hole burned through the centre of all the pages (but not the cover) using a soldering iron and a small butane blowtorch. I have recently been considering updating and re-working this idea; I want to have a variety of books ready to (hopefully) take to some Artist's Book fairs this Autumn, including some new hand-made books. I am also toying with the idea of creating a sort of production line for my own 'altered books', creating some sort of design that can be printed using print-on-demand services, and then hand-altered by myself to create something more interesting. This is something I have already done to an extent with the book Manifest-O, which must be 'completed' by the reader by cutting along the dotted lines to create cut-out panels.

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