Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New Digital Editions of Speak of the Devil, Utopia/Dystopia and Vectis

I am hard at work on a new small book, which I hope to finish up some time in the next few weeks. My general lack of activity over the past month or so has been due to the pursuing of a couple of commercial projects, which I may speak more about in the future. In the mean-time, I have gone over and prepared new digital editions of my three last major books, including numerous small tweaks and corrections. These new editions shall be available on lulu in the next couple of days. Here they are in PDF form:

Speak of the Devil



Please remember that all my books were designed with the physical format in mind and are best read on screen using a PDF reader that offers a 'two-up' reading format with the cover page separate. In Foxit Reader this is the Seperate Cover Page option under the View tab, in Adobe Acrobat it's Two Page View with the Show Cover Page in Two Page View option ticked on the View>Page Display submenu.

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