Monday, 26 August 2013

Utopia/Dystopia is available for purchase

 Buy it from here

Getting it ready was a complete pain. I started the process on Saturday, deciding to make a few alterations to the cover, correct a couple of typos and add an ISBN number and barcode. These simple tweaks rapidly lead to what divers call an incident pit, a spiralling and ever-increasing number of problems that have taken two days to rectify. First, InDesign decided that, despite my computer having 10gb less data on it than it did two weeks ago, it was now going to consider the amount of virtual memory available to it completely inadequate and promptly began to crash. Constantly. Somewhere amidst the 9 or so crashes, the document bleed settings disappeared, so that when I finally managed to make the changes I want it, export a new PDF (which failed several times, each failure costing half an hour during which little else of relevance could be done) and upload it to (a similarly lengthy process that also failed, more times than I want to consider) and make a print-ready file, the file (sans bleeds) resulted in a print-ready file which was the wrong size. This necessitated the whole process to be completed again. It has been terribly stressful.

Computers do make our lives easier; I wouldn't want to have to make my books with letraset and mimeograph machines and photo-typesetting and so on. But bloody hell.

I shall work on a section for the main website in which I list all of the books I have available for purchase (including their ISBN's and Idle Toil serial numbers) over the next few days. But for the moment, my author page on lulu is here.

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